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Why we won’t be giving up on giving

charlotteCWith a multitude of causes and adverts or people almost everywhere we turn, what does this mean for charity giving? Donor fatigue is not a new phenomenon. However, with many causes vying for our attention and both frequent natural disasters and long-standing humanitarian crises there is a clear and definite need to keep donors engaged with the cause. Continue reading

Experiences of workers who have opted out: DWP publish our latest research findings

PublicationsThe DWP has published the findings of our qualitative research among workers who have opted out. As part of our research with the first employers to implement automatic enrolment, we spoke to 50 employees who explained their reasons for leaving workplace schemes following automatic enrolment, their experience of this process and their general attitudes to saving for retirement. Read the report in full here.

Automatic enrolment: Qualitative research with workers who have opted out (published March 2014)

PublicationsAndrew Wood, Kate Downer, Christoph Körbitz and Louise Amantani

This is the first study to explore comprehensively the experiences of workers who were automatically enrolled into a workplace pension and chose subsequently to opt out. We spoke to 50 workers at the first organisations to implement automatic enrolment, and they explained their reasons for opting out, their experience going through the opt-out process and their overall attitude toward retirement provision. The findings of this study will feed into discussions around the success of automatic enrolment in increasing the number of individuals saving for retirement.

Click here to view report (pdf)

Automatic enrolment: Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow

Kate Downer I’ve just re-read the chapter of Nudge called ‘Save more tomorrow,’ in which the authors consider ‘how private and public institutions might nudge people in directions that will make them a bit wealthier and more secure.’ Now, I reckon most of us are up for more wealth and more security. And as luck would have it, our latest report for DWP which looks at peoples’ experiences of automatic enrolment Continue reading

Failure is an important part of success

brianKIt was very refreshing to hear Conny Kalcher, VP Marketing and Consumer Experiences of LEGO, talk at a recent Big Questions Live show about their approach to innovation and driving customer satisfaction. She spoke candidly about failures at LEGO, how they learnt from those, quickly adapted and put in place alternative plans. Continue reading
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