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Thoughts on my Apprenticeship

AmyGrewcockHi, my name’s Amy and I’m the first Apprentice here at RS Consulting. You’ve probably heard of apprenticeships, they’re the new, innovative scheme to help young people combining practical training in a job with study, usually as an alternative to university. Of course you can do an apprenticeship before or after university. In my case I’ve chosen to do an apprenticeship here at RS Consulting, while I decide whether to go into higher education or not.

An apprenticeship allows 16 – 24 year olds to work for a company for over a period of anywhere between 6 months and 3 years.  There’s a huge variety of apprenticeship schemes available in whichever specialism you have chosen (I’ve chosen Business Administration). This also gives you experience ahead of real-life work whilst gaining NVQ qualifications – equivalent to school, college, or even university grades.

It’s my 5th month working here at RS Consulting Group, and I really enjoy it. It’s a thriving market research agency made up of 4 brands, Consensus Research, Leapfrog, mruk and RS Consulting.  I have plenty of responsibilities, and it’s giving me the chance to learn different skills. I also feel as though I am a real employee with real responsibilities, not just a student on work experience… it makes me feel like I’m a real part of the company.

RS Consulting is a great place to be at when it comes to learning and being trained in a variety of business functions. The culture at the company is one where everyone is keen to get involved. We have a lot of training courses here for researchers and support staff such as myself, and this will be great for me in the future.

I think apprenticeships are one of the best opportunities given to young people these days, especially if they’re unsure about going on to university or college.  It’s ideal for someone who wants to get into work and learn skills, and this gives a head start over university graduates. No doubt some will disagree, saying apprenticeships aren’t real jobs, or the wages aren’t good, or we don’t get treated the same, but that’s not my experience!

Not only is this apprenticeship benefiting me, but it benefits the company by improving productivity and allowing the company to focus on its creative output. I’m gaining knowledge and skills that help the business to work more efficiently, and I’d like to think I have a positive effect on the business, by re-enforcing the culture of learning.

In my view, other companies should sign on to the apprentice scheme too. Certainly, there’s no shortage of young people who would really benefit from real life work experience.

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