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01/05/13 – Change at the top at RS Consulting Group

Kate Anderson has been promoted to Joint Managing Director of the RS Consulting Group.  She replaces Phil Stubington, who has decided to step back from the role of Joint MD to focus on developing the Group’s strategic relationships with key accounts.  Phil will also lead the Group’s innovation programme, capitalising on the success of its award-winning research platform, e-luminate.

Joint MD Chris Stead commented “Kate’s a real people person, full of energy and enthusiasm, and is just the right person to move the Group forward.  She’s passionate about research and about delivering real value to clients, and she will certainly lead by example.  I also want to thank Phil for his dedication and commitment over the last three years.  Innovation is at the heart of our business and a vital element of our future strategy, and it’s great to have Phil driving it on to the next level.”

RS Consulting Group encompasses four complementary brands – RS Consulting, Consensus, mruk and Leapfrog.

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