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Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Monday: I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

Readers! I did it. OK, as we’ve established, it’s not far. It took an hour and I’m rewarding myself with muesli as I type. Let’s review my experience against some key objectives from LivingStreets.

Team spirit – compete with your colleagues and walk together
I’m strictly a lone wolf. I think we’d better park this one for the week.

Better shape – burn calories and get fitter
Indubitably. I anticipate starting to feel pretty knackered later on though …. Which worries me given how much I’ve got to do today.

Clearer head – blow away the cobwebs and relieve stress
See above. The idea of not hurling myself from my bed to my desk in the shortest possible space of time makes me anxious!

Fatter wallet – save your bus fare and walk instead
No, I’ve paid for my season ticket anyway. But I need it to do whichever journey I don’t walk, and to other stuff in the evenings, so that’s OK.

Hidden treasures – make new discoveries in your area
‘New discoveries’ maybe. Like, there’s a massive hill between A and B that I didn’t know about. And nowhere to get coffee until I’m an hour into the journey (first-world problems, eh?).  We’ll have to see about these hidden treasures.

Today’s soundtrack was brought to me by Louise, who is a wonder and made me a mixtape (don’t you just love a mixtape?)

Today’s track: Errors, Mr. Milk. There’s something totally 80’s MTV about this. 


2 thoughts on “Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Monday: I’m Gonna Be (500 miles)

  1. Thanks Matt :-)
    I see you requested a Throwing Muses track … Kristin Hersh’s ‘Sing Like a Star’ is one of tomorrow’s albums, and has been the cause of further food for thought (try saying that after a few drinks)

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