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Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Wednesday: You can’t always get what you want

Badges! I got badges! And cute pictures of muffins. And I’ve walked more than 10 miles in the last 3 days. Double figures, guys!

I got up this morning and was a bit MEH about the whole walking thing – because I’ve been awake since about 4am, because I was convinced it was going to chuck it down, and because, as my mother says, the third day you do anything is always the hardest. And also because I had loads of gear to carry to work. So it’s not all Morning from Peer Gynt and bonding with the ducks on Wandsworth Common: there are some logistical issues to address. Issues that have culminated in me not having any shoes to wear today.

But! I remembered that if I logged some hours on my Walk to Work Week dashboard, I’d get another picture of a muffin, and I was marching up that hill before you could say ‘gamification’. You don’t know what gamification is? That’s OK, you can read about it in this lovely presentation by our friend John Puleston. Anyway, for the first time, the gamification thing really hit home for me. Muffins, reader, are truly powerful things.

So – music now – Monday was a bit of everything; Tuesday was all one artist, but one I thought I’d like. Today we’re dialling it up with something I was more unsure about: CocoRosie’s Grey Oceans (recommended by Amanda. Thank you, Amanda!) With a name like CocoRosie I was expecting them to sound like these two. And … well, they sort of do. Like that, but with someone banging a ruler on a desk in the background. It wasn’t unpleasant. Also, CocoRosie have an EP called God has a voice, she speaks through me, which I may adopt as my job title.

Anyway, how are we doing against the objectives? Let’s see:

Better shape – burn calories and get fitter
Three hours’ walking equals two muffins. Seriously, that’s all? Where do I claim these muffins?

Clearer head – blow away the cobwebs and relieve stress
I have had a rubbish night’s sleep and have no shoes on. I’m not going to lie: I have had more carefree times. But you know what else? It struck me as I packed my rucksack that I was going to spend an hour walking to work, then be at my desk all day and busy with something extra-curricular till 10pm. So I took my BlackBerry out of my bag, it’s at home, and it’s staying switched off today. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Hidden treasures – make new discoveries in your area

I’ve realised three important things today, and it’s not 10am yet.

One: the omnipotence of the virtual muffin

Two: my BlackBerry looks good on top of the microwave. At home. Where I am not.

Three: occasionally, just occasionally, my mother is right

Today’s track: CocoRosie, Lemonade. Sounds like St. Vincent, who I suspect employs the same ruler-banger.

Days left until the Jazz Apocalypse: two … o_O

Tomorrow it’s Maria Callas. Anything could happen.

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