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Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Thursday: Waiting for the Beat to Kick in (But it Never Does)

So today I walked to work with Maria Callas (recommended by Chrissie – thank you, Chrissie!). Maria and I got along pretty well, especially the part where she sang bits of Tosca to me as I walked along the edge of Wandsworth Common.

It helped, of course, that it’s a beautiful morning and that in between tracks (are you allowed to call them ‘tracks’ when it’s opera?), I could hear the birds singing too. Ahhhh.

I could have done with some more rhythm to carry me up those hills, and I was tempted to cheat on Maria with a bit of Dan le Sac. But I didn’t, because, as you’ll remember, the skip button is off-limits for the week.

Time for some objectives:

Better shape – burn calories and get fitter
I don’t think I’m imagining this – I’m getting faster. And not just because it’s taken 5 minutes to get across Wandsworth Road every other day this week. I am also eating a hell of a lot of muesli.

Clearer head – blow away the cobwebs and relieve stress
My BlackBerry is still on top of the microwave. That’s all I’m saying.

Hidden treasures – make new discoveries in your area

Well, I discovered that gazing across a dewy, empty common on a spring morning makes a girl realise how lucky she is. I also noticed this sign on the way and have decided it qualifies as a treasure … and yes I did feel happy when I got here :-)

Today’s track: Maria Callas, Un Bel Di Vedremo (from Madama Butterfly) .

Tomorrow will be my last walk, and if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that the Jazz Apocalypse is nigh. Fear the trumpet, readers. Fear it.

One thought on “Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Thursday: Waiting for the Beat to Kick in (But it Never Does)

  1. Absoluely loving this blog. Don’t want it to end. In fact would you mind walking in from home every day and writing about it?

    Particularly taken by your mult-tasking comment – who needs feedback when you can discover yourself through exercise.

    “It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor. “

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