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Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Friday: This ain’t rock’n’roll … This is genocide

In an amazingly short space of time, the walking thing has just became normal. And especially after the sunny gorgeousness that was yesterday, I found myself looking forward to today’s walk, and sorry that it was all going to be over at the end. But as regular readers will know, today was the Jazz Apocalypse.

Every so often, ever since I’ve known him, Martin has been telling me to listen to Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Today was the day. Er, thanks Martin.

I don’t get on with jazz AT ALL. I didn’t get on with Miles Davis. In fact, the best thing I can say is that Flamenco Sketches reminded me of Morrissey’s I Will See You in Far-Off Places. But what’s the point in whingeing, when we could be visiting our objectives for the fifth and final time?

Better shape – burn calories and get fitter
1,838 calories, says my Walk to Work Week dashboard. How many calories are in a Bridge the Gap bacon sandwich? Because I just celebrated the end of the week by shifting one in about eight seconds.

Clearer head – blow away the cobwebs and relieve stress
My BlackBerry was switched back on yesterday evening, but I’ve resolved that it’s going to stay off more often.

Let’s be realistic: it’s going to take longer than a week to fix my disastrous attention span. But I was surprised that making that one simple change – never, ever pressing the ‘skip’ button – made such a noticeable difference. I’m really going to try and stick to this, both when I’m back on the 7.42 to Waterloo with my iPod, and when I’m at work.

Hidden treasures – make new discoveries in your area

I’d love to be telling you that I’ve discovered a hidden love of jazz, opera or whatever it is that CocoRosie do. I haven’t really. But you know what? It doesn’t matter. It’s occurred to me more than once this week that if I liked any of that stuff, I’d be listening to it anyway. What I have realised is that fresh air, a bit of open space, and an hour’s brisk walking once a day aren’t only something I can fit in, but something I enjoy.

I think we can also say I’ve met the other big objective of broadening a couple of musical horizons. I would never in a million of years have picked out Maria Callas or Miles Davis of my own accord. Big thanks to everyone who made suggestions – and sorry to everyone who suggested stuff I didn’t have time for. Next year, maybe.

I didn’t expect to find any hidden treasures in the 3.5 miles between one corner of Wandsworth and another. Turns out you’ve just got to ask, then listen.

Today’s track: Today we’re going to have the theme from Fraggle Rock. Way more fun than Miles Davis (sorry Martin).

2 thoughts on “Kate’s Walk to Work Week diary – Friday: This ain’t rock’n’roll … This is genocide

  1. I walk to work every day, unless I am feeling lazy or sleep in or take too long getting dressed and then I get the tram. So really I don’t walk to work everyday. I like your idea of listening to a full album on each walk to pass the time, I may try this to inspire me so that when I tell people I walk to work every day that I am not telling a barefaced lie ;) Please be aware that my walk to work involves walking through what I would describe as ‘the projects’ so if I am robbed of my music listening device, I shall hold you responsible

  2. Enjoyed reading about your ‘walking to work efforts’. Hope you keep it up! Wish I could walk to work but not sure I could handle the 30 mile commute each way. I like the idea of working out how many calories you have burned- very motivating.
    Ps I also don’t ‘get’ Jazz….

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