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National Walk to School Week guest blog – Ruth (aged 7)

During Walk to School week all the school walk to school.  If you walk to school every day then you get some kind of reward (like bacon butties on the Friday!).

We have Walk to School week because if children drive in a car every day they’re not getting any exercise.  Also you don’t have to pay to walk.

It’s a good idea because everyone gets to have a chance to walk to school and have some fun.

But it’s sad that not everyone does it.

We could make Walk to School week more fun if on the last day, everyone had to walk to school in their pyjamas!  It would be great if you got a little reward every day like a sticker.  If you went with different friends every day you’d have lots of fun.

I’ve written a poem

Walk to School Week

Walk to School Week is fun to do,

Why not walk with a friend or two?

It’s boring driving in the car,

Why not walk?  It’s not too far!

The exercise will make you fit,

But the rewards are the best bit!




As part of National Walk to School week we have asked sisters Hannah and Ruth to write up their experiences of walking to their participating school.  It takes them about 20 minutes each way.

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