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National Walk to School Week guest blog – Hannah (aged 10)

In Walk to School week all of the children in the school walk to school.  If they live far away then they try to walk half of the way.  We do it to get people walking so they can get healthy.

The best thing about Walk to School week is that we get a bacon sandwich on Friday if we walk to school or part of the way every day.  It’s also good because it makes you healthy and fit.

We could make it more fun by getting prizes at school like stickers, class points etc. if we walk.  We could also have activities that we have to do or think about on our way in.  If we got to wear our own clothes on the last day of the week that would be good fun.



As part of National Walk to School week we have asked sisters Hannah and Ruth to write up their experiences of walking to their participating school.  It takes them about 20 minutes each way.

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