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Chris SteadThe headline on the latest edition of Southern News was Battersea Park station – back to its former glory!  (The exclamation mark is theirs not mine.)  Now here at the offices of mruk, we are always very excited to read any news about this rather fine station.  We are literally next to it.  In fact we are so close our wi fi network can be used on platform 3.  Most of our staff use this station every day.  What with us being a green company, the others are usually either cycling or walking in but that is a story for another blog.  This story is about the glory that has returned to Battersea Park station.

Reading on, I was fascinated to discover that the station had been designed by the appropriately named Mr Driver and opened in 1867.  Southern Rail  have completely restored the station to Mr Driver’s original structure, fixture and fittings.  Even the colour scheme had to be right and so the station was “repainted to match he original heritage colour scheme”.  I have to say that the place does now look magnificent.  Airy, spacious and grand, beautifully clean and light.  I’d go as far as to say that it is a pleasure to appreciate those “larger cast iron balustrades” as we sashay down the stairs on our journey to the office each morning.

Battersea Park interior

Battersea Park exterior

Now the funny thing is that until I read this article, I hadn’t really noticed this change and certainly hadn’t appreciated it.  “Head down” I hear you say or maybe “heavy night?”.  Well no.  The truth is I haven’t noticed these things because the best thing about Battersea Park station is not the new “timber sash windows” or  the “supporting timberwork of the booking hall ceiling”, fine though they are.  No the reason we don’t notice these things is because of a bloke called Jay.  Jay is one of the guards at the station and is absolutely lovely.  Friendly, helpful and welcoming, his attitude and demeanour is spot on.  He knows all the regulars at the station and that cheery “alright mate” or helpful practical advice with our latest travel nightmare lifts us all every day.

Mother Teresa told us that “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless”.  Jay epitomises that attitude and in those brief moments of our day as we pass through the restored entrance hall, it is the echoes of his friendliness and his welcome that carry us forward to our jobs with a lighter step.

At mruk we understand that it’s often the people that make a business special.  Of course we produce an excellent service which allows our clients to thoroughly understand their stakeholders’ needs, but it’s our people who make the difference.  They’re the reason 90% of all the work we do is repeat business and they’re also responsible for our consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

So thanks Charles Hendry Driver for your lovely design.  Thanks Southern for investing our fares wisely in restoring this station so successfully but thanks most of all to Jay for making us feel good every day we see you.

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