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NewsPaul Cussell of RS Consulting won the prestigious ASC Young Technologist at an MRS Research Awards dinner for his pioneering work developing e-luminate™. The judging panel recognised both the innovative approach Paul took and the strength of the platform itself.

Bringing people to life

e-luminate™ is the online platform that brings to life the behaviours and motivations of the people that matter to you.

e-luminate™ gives you the freedom to creatively explore concepts, develop comms, and test products with any audience, anywhere.

e-luminate™ helps capture deeper audience insights and makes managing and sharing your data easier.

e-luminate™ really allowed young people to use the website they were testing in an environment which did not influence their responses in any way. It also provided a good structure to ensure that the right type of information was collected from all participants. The insight this gave was fantastic and proved a much better way of engaging than traditional methods.

Rachel Evans - Centro

The e-luminate™ platform is easy to use and navigate—for both respondents and researchers. Even though it was our first time using it, we had no problems along the way.

Respondents were able to respond via text and posted images which were of good quality, and quickly/easily downloaded for use in our report. We also conveniently downloaded text and used respondent quotes, matched with respondent images, to bring our report to life. Looking forward to our next opportunity to utilize this tool.

Angie Clark - Clark Research Consulting
ASC Young Technologist of the Year 2012 Wandworth Business Award winner ISO logo Fair Data MRS company partner
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