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RS Consulting Group

We are one of four brands within the RS Consulting Group, each with a specific focus area:

Consensus Research - Financial services

Leapfrog Research and Planning – Consumer insight

mruk – Social and community-focused research

RS Consulting – B2B

We share the same values and the same purpose - we love to solve problems, the harder the better.

When it comes to research we really know our stuff, but we also know that our real value lies in the actionable advice we give, and the impact this has on your organisation. We bring together a vibrant combination of talents and expertise to design, collaborate, analyse, argue, and interpret, delivering the insight you need to address your most tricky strategic and tactical challenges.

People we work with tell us we bring clarity to a complex world, giving them the confidence to make the decisions that transform their business.

ASC Young Technologist of the Year 2012 Wandworth Business Award winner ISO logo Fair Data MRS company partner
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